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Name:Rainbow's End
Website:Kuroko no Basket Coffeehouse A/U
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There are two things you need to know about Rainbow's End: the coffee is incredible, and you've probably never heard of it. It's an open timeline roleplaying community based on the Kuroko no Basket A/U "Rainbow's End". This means hipsters, entertainment industry whining, struggling artists, lots of boys being really pathetically stupid about everything even resembling emotions, and occasionally really cute girls (not being stupid)! Since it's an open timeline comm, feel free to play under any scenario, from the past or the present of the game! The depth of the timeline can only become more interesting -- i.e. when new chapters provide new shenanigans, settings, relationships etc. to explore! All the mod (i.e. the author) asks is that you're courteous to each other and to the characterizations seen thus far. Headcanons are awesome, after all, but it's all just a matter of not advancing the plot past established boundaries. Otherwise it's open season, because let's face it, everyone's going to end up sleeping with everyone else. We know why we're here. You can apply or reserve a character here! After I've replied to your app with a yay, feel free to start playing! What about the Rules? Well, for now it's small. So there is no real guideline for posting, number of characters you can hold, or any of that other crap. This is just for funsies so let's just keep it at omg don't be a drag and go from there. c a s t

open;Kagami Taiga
open;Kuroko Tetsuya
open;Aomine Daiki
open;Kise Ryouta
[personal profile] commesdesfuckdown;Midorima Shintarou
open;Murasakibara Atsushi
open;Satsuki Momoi
open;Takao Kuzanari
open;Himuro Tatsuya
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